Golden visa Greece
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What Golden Visa Aegean can do for you

From paperwork to investment management - we’ll make it easy

Step 1
Fill in the form to express an interest in having your own European  - we will contact you with more information

Step 2
Visit Syros, Greece for 3 – 5 days and choose your new investment house in Hermoupolis. We recommend Syros as having high rental and re-sale value as well as being an ideal vacation spot.

Step 3
Meet with our lawyers and translator who will help you organize a bank account and explain in detail what the permit application* will need from you as well as how to buy a house in Greece.
(* see “The Application Process”)

Step 4
Leave the rest to us. The house purchase must be done before the residency application. But our lawyers will have your Power of Attorney to do all your paperwork for you. Costs are fixed and included in the investment cost of 250,000 euros.

The Application Process

• Helping you purchase the right property to ensure a Golden Visa
• Represent you legally in the purchasing of the property
• Organize your Greek Tax ID
• Help you open a bank account
• Perform Due Diligence and checks with Land Registry, approve the documentation on your behalf
• Draft pre-sale and sale agreements
• Ensure secure transfer of funds, correct form of transfers
• Assist in issuing tax payments for public Authorities on your behalf
• Conclude signing the contracts of purchase
• Registration of title deeds at the Land Registry and Cadastral Authority
• Undertake the translation of all official documents that the clients will be requested to provide in order to commence processing the applications for the Residence Permit
• Prepare all documentation for the Residence Permit
• Manage all stages of the Golden Visa issuing process and receive the final permit on your behalf
• Manage your tax affairs on an annual basis (fixed fee)
• Act as permanent tax representative for you and your family for any further commercial activities in Greece
• Act as a depository for all documents concerning your property affairs in Greece
• Manage your property commercially to obtain the highest rent in your absence and at your request (fees fixed)
• Support your application for a Full Residency after 7 years of being a property owner in Greece.

How much could my property earn on Syros?

Most new villas and apartments in central Hermoupolis will be occupied around 150 days a year – June – September, with extra days around Easter and Xmas/New Year. This allows you and your family to enjoy the Spring and Autumn seasons on the island.

Costs of maintaining a house on Syros are low. Electricity, water and council rates are the lowest in Europe. Management, advertising the property, cleaning, customer contact, port pick-ups and repairing damages etc will be born by the management company and usually averages 30% of total income received in rent.

Most of our clients have all their home ownership costs covered (taxes and maintenance) and still have around *9,000 euros in their bank account after the first year of operation. Short lets to tourists always produce higher returns than full time long term local rents. (*these figures are for guidance only – every case is different).